[FieldTrip] segmenting and merging trial data

Aitor Egurtzegi aitor.martinezegurcegui at uzh.ch
Mon Nov 26 12:00:08 CET 2018

Dear researchers at Fieldtrip,

I have defined a very long time window for each trial with 
ft_preprocessing. I'm actually only interested in the very beginning and 
the end of the trial, so now I'm trying to segment my trials by using 
ft_redefinetrial and specifying the time window of interest with 
cfg.toilim, which I run in two steps, one for the beginning and the 
other for the end of the trial.

My problem arises when I try to merge both segments together, because I 
tried the various ft_append functions but they do not merge my trials 
the way I want, so I would like to know if there's a way to put the data 
together again, or on the other hand if I can use a different approach, 
such as slicing and throwing away the part of the trial I'm not 
interested in. Hence, instead of taking two slices of data for the 
trials and merging them, discarding what's in between my time window of 
interest for each trial.

Thanks in advance,

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