[FieldTrip] Error while reading in Fieldtrip an epochs file created with mne-python

Laetitia Grabot laetitia.grabot at gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:42:56 CEST 2018

Dear all,

I'm trying to read in Fieldtrip an Elekta Neuromag epochs file (.fif)
created with mne-python (MEG and EEG data file). I used the following
snippet of code, and got the following error:

cfg = [];
cfg.dataset = filename;
data = ft_preprocessing(cfg);

Error using fiff_read_epochs (line 47)
Could not find epochs data
Error in fiff_read_epochs (line 47)
    error(me,'Could not find epochs data');
Error in ft_read_header (line 1846)
        epochs = fiff_read_epochs(filename);
Error in ft_read_header (line 125)
    hdr{i} = ft_read_header(filename{i}, varargin{:});
Error in ft_preprocessing (line 397)
  hdr = ft_read_header(cfg.headerfile, 'headerformat', cfg.headerformat,...

I saw that a former thread
reported the same error, but it seems that the code was changed meanwhile.
I'm using Matlab R2017a ver 9.2 and the Fieldtrip version dated from
16-05-2018. Here <http://dropcanvas.com/wq648> you can download the epochs
file I used.
It would be very helpful is someone knows from where this problem could

Thank you very much,
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