[FieldTrip] openMEEG path Ubuntu16.04

Maria Carla Piastra mcarlapiastra at gmail.com
Thu May 3 15:29:22 CEST 2018

Dear all,

I would like to use openMEEG for computing EEG and MEG forward model 
solutions on Ubuntu 16.04.

I installed following https://github.com/openmeeg/openmeeg.

As "/whereis om_assemble/" is giving me /usr/bin. I therefore did 
"/setenv('PATH', '/usr/bin')/".

/W/hen I am launching:
/cfg = [];//
//cfg.method = 'openmeeg';//
//cfg.conductivity = [0.33 0.01 0.33];//
//headmodel_bem = ft_prepare_headmodel(cfg, mesh_bem)/

This is the output:

/the input is mesh data with multiple surfaces//
//reordering the boundaries to: 3 2 1 //
///bin/bash: chmod: command not found//
///bin/bash: ./tp2279842c_636c_485a_ac62_6c2e3c4e7b25.sh: Permission 
//Warning: an error ocurred while running OpenMEEG //
//Error using fread//
//Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier.//
//Warning: File 'tp54b47429_45d4_47c4_ab6f_3a02b37de78f.bin' not found. //
//Warning: File 'tp692ddbba_6d12_4b31_b1ee_f70fc7680936.bin' not found. //
//the call to "ft_prepare_headmodel" took 0 seconds and required the 
additional allocation of an estimated 0 MB//
//headmodel_bem = //
//             bnd: [1x3 struct]//
//            cond: [0.3300 0.0100 0.3300]//
//    skin_surface: 1//
//          source: 3//
//            type: 'openmeeg'//
//            unit: 'mm'//
//             cfg: [1x1 struct]/

Any ideas?


Maria Carla

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