[FieldTrip] scaling signals for joint EOG-MEG ICA decomposition

Maximilien Chaumon maximilien.chaumon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 17:44:04 CET 2018

Dear eeglab and FieldTrip users,

On our MEG system, we systematically record EOG and EKG along with the MEG
data. Running an ICA on the data to remove blinks and EKG works fine most
of the time, but every now and then, the output is turned to puzzling
complex-valued numbers.

I realized that the huge scale discrepancy between the EKG and the MEG data
could be what causes the problem, so I just multiplied all my EOG & EKG
signals by 1e-6 and ran the ICA again, which returns real-valued numbers.
The topographies look fine but I'm stuck trying to find out a way to scale
this output to recover my originally scaled data. Is it possible?

Any comments are welcome, thanks!
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