[FieldTrip] Starting from .mat files

William Chermanne william.chermanne at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 11 16:31:49 CET 2018

Hello everyone,

I have started reading the documentation about the FieldTrip toolbox.

A friend and I implemented a Matlab routine allowing to ‘create’ simulated EEG signals with hand movements for the three different channels C3,C4 and CZ.

The routine writes the results in a .mat file where each line represents a channel. I thus have the format channel x time.

However, I am not sure about where to begin with the fieldtrip functions. I also do not understand perfectly the concept of ’trials’. Should I define trials in my data? How to read the .mat file with the ft_preprocessing function or the ft_definetrial function?

Thank you for your answer,

William Chermanne

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