[FieldTrip] Error in ft_mvaranalysis

Manuela Costa manuela.costa at ctb.upm.es
Wed Aug 29 19:34:10 CEST 2018

Dear community,

I'm planning to do granger causality analysis on human iEEG data. I'm using
ft_mvaranalysis to get time-dependent coefficient sets based on a sliding
window, but I get an error.

The data is downsampled at 250 Hz. The fields of my data structure are
fsample, trial, time, label and cfg. The size of
preprocessing_emotional_Rem_ds{1}.trial{1} is 3x3751 (channels, data
points). Below is the configuration structure and the error message. The
ft_mvaranalysis function works if I do not use the sliding window approach.
I tried to use different cfg.toi and cfg.t_ftimwin but I could not find a
solution. I hope you can help me.

Best wishes,

Manuela Costa

Configuration structure:

cfg = [];

    cfg.toolbox = 'bsmart';

    cfg.order   = 10;

    cfg.toi       = -0.5:0.01:3; %% the time points at which the windows
are centered

    cfg.t_ftimwin = 0.25; %% length of time window in second

    mdata_emotional_Rem{subj} = ft_mvaranalysis(cfg,

Error message:

Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in ft_mvaranalysis (line 185)

latency(k,:) = cfg.toi + cfg.t_ftimwin.*[-0.5 0.5];

Error in Step2_Calculate_Granger_time_freq(line 108)

    mdata_emotional_Rem{subj} = ft_mvaranalysis(cfg,
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