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Bear, Joshua Joshua.Bear at childrenscolorado.org
Wed Apr 25 19:07:13 CEST 2018

Dear FieldTrip Users:

I am trying to apply the Network Analysis tutorial to my own data, and I have hit a stumbling block with the atlas and parcellation steps.

Briefly, I am using a mesh exported from Brainstorm with 15002 vertices, so at the end of all steps through ft_connectivityanalysis I have a connectivity structure with pos = 15002. The atlas has pos = 8004. I tried to use ft_sourceinterpolate to make my connectivity structure match the atlas, but it is only seems to be interpolating the first dimension of the source data as shown below.

My question: How can I make ft_sourceinterpolate apply to both dimensions of my cohspctrm parameter rather than only the first dimension?

RESULTS from ft_connectivityanalysis:
source_conn =
  struct with fields:
       inside: [15002×1 logical]
          pos: [15002×3 double]
          tri: [29989×3 double]
    cohspctrm: [15002×15002 double]
       dimord: 'pos_pos_freq'
         freq: 9.9340
          cfg: [1×1 struct]

cfg = [];
cfg.parameter = 'cohspctrm';
cfg.interpmethod = 'nearest';
source_conn_interp = ft_sourceinterpolate(cfg, source_conn, atlas);

RESULTS from ft_sourceinterpolate:
source_conn_interp =
  struct with fields:
         freq: 9.9340
          pos: [8004×3 double]
          tri: [16000×3 double]
         unit: 'mm'
       inside: [8004×1 logical]
    cohspctrm: [8004×15002 double]
          cfg: [1×1 struct]

Notice that the cohspctrm is interpolated from a [15002×15002 double] to a [8004×15002 double]. This then translates to the parcellation step where only the first dimension can be parcellated using the atlas.

I’m sure I am missing something obvious and appreciate your thoughts and patience,

Joshua Bear, MD, MA
Neuroscience Institute, Children’s Hospital Colorado
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