[FieldTrip] Artifact Rejection Problem

Simeon Wong simeon.wong at sickkids.ca
Mon Sep 25 16:45:04 CEST 2017

Hi Hamed,

I believe ft_rejectartefact does not offer an option to simply remove any artefact. Removing artefacts is actually a non-trivial process that you can approach from several different ways.

Try using ft_componentanalysis to apply ICA to remove eye blinks and some eye movement. I'm not too sure about muscle artefact in EEG but perhaps setting a bandpass filter from 1-30 Hz may help attenuate most of it. You probably don't need to worry about jump artifacts since that typically applies only to MEG.

Simeon Wong
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Hi all

I've tried to remove EOG, jump and muscle artifact from my EEG.
I can find the artifact but when I use ft_rejectartifact, it removes some parts of EEG that contaminated by artifacts.
I want to filter my signal no remove some part of my signal.
When I use artifact removing in EEGLab or BrainStorm just artifact removed no the contaminated part of EEG.
Could you please help me what is my wrong?

cfg.artfctdef.eog.artifact = artifact_EOG;
cfg.artfctdef.jump.artifact = artifact_jump;
cfg.artfctdef.muscle.artifact = artifact_muscle;
cfg.artfctdef.reject = 'complet' ;
data_no_artifacts = ft_rejectartifact(cfg,data_int);

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