[FieldTrip] Question on TFR analysis (Chungmin Han)

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Hi Chungmin,

You are right, it is not possible to make your contrast in a single step. It is not possible to do a baseline correction in ft_freqbaseline (also holds for ft_singleplotTFR etc.) when the baseline is time locked to a different event than the 'active' condition. In order to get the contrast you should get the TFR for both 'active' and 'baseline' condition, timelocked to the different events (by using ft_redefinetrial). You can then use ft_math to calculate the difference.

Good luck,
Mats van Es

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Dear all,
I'm Chungmin, graduate student in UT Austin,

and have a question TFR using fieldtrip,

my experiment has 2 triggers,
first one is Trial onset second trigger is the beginning of task with fixed time when subject trigger to begin task.

Thus there's varying time between 1st and 2nd trigger,

I need to analyze signal with fixed time window after 2nd trigger but need to take baseline right before 1st trigger because there's movement between 1st and 2nd,

is there a way I can set up baseline window in matrix form??
seems TFRanalysis allows single baseline time window settings not for varying time window,

I've also looked at redefine_trials, however, in this case, I'll have to put two inputs to calculate TFR, one as baselines only and the other task only.

.....if either of the methods is not possible, can I set up single baseline (e.g. resting state data)???

Any advice is appreciated Thank you,

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