[FieldTrip] Question on TFR analysis

Chungmin Han cmhan616 at utexas.edu
Tue Oct 10 21:54:57 CEST 2017

Dear all,
I'm Chungmin, graduate student in UT Austin,

and have a question TFR using fieldtrip,

my experiment has 2 triggers,
first one is Trial onset second trigger is the beginning of task with fixed
time when subject trigger to begin task.

Thus there's varying time between 1st and 2nd trigger,

I need to analyze signal with fixed time window after 2nd trigger
but need to take baseline right before 1st trigger because there's movement
between 1st and 2nd,

is there a way I can set up baseline window in matrix form??
seems TFRanalysis allows single baseline time window settings not for
varying time window,

I've also looked at redefine_trials, however, in this case, I'll have to
put two inputs to calculate TFR, one as baselines only and the other task

.....if either of the methods is not possible, can I set up single baseline
(e.g. resting state data)???

Any advice is appreciated Thank you,

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