[FieldTrip] problems plotting source grandaverage - no anatomy fied (ft_sourcegrandaverage)

Schoffelen, J.M. (Jan Mathijs) jan.schoffelen at donders.ru.nl
Wed Nov 29 12:53:36 CET 2017

Hi Cecilia,

Have you tried to compute the average on the low-resolution solutions, and only do the interpolation on the average?

This should be possible, because you use the ‘mni-aligned grids’.

Also, ft_sourcegrandaverage is a dinosaur of a function, and it looks as if it hasn’t grown along with the rest of the code. The pasted matlab-structure looks a bit strange, and I can imagine that FieldTrip chokes on it.

Best wishes,

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On 29 Nov 2017, at 11:20, Mazzetti, C. (Cecilia) <C.Mazzetti at donders.ru.nl<mailto:C.Mazzetti at donders.ru.nl>> wrote:

Hi Everyone,
I am struggling with the source analysis and especially when averaging across subjects' source reconstruction.
The analysis for every subject was done according to the tutorial (creating MNI aligned grids in individual head space).
The point is when I try to plot the source grandaverage I get an error saying there is no 'anatomy' field in my data.
I tried to use both sourceinterpolate or add the anatomy field manually to the gsource_grandaverage structure but nothing works.
Here is what my source_grandaverage contains:

   pow: [6×902629 double]
       dim: [91 109 91]
      freq: 9.9723
    inside: [902629×1 logical]
       pos: [902629×3 double]
      unit: 'mm'
       cfg: [1×1 struct]

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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