[FieldTrip] Active versus Baseline statisitic on time-domain data

Dimitri Bayle dimitri.bayle at gmail.com
Wed May 10 13:52:57 CEST 2017


I want to do a test in time-domain data, to statistically compare each 
sample of an active time-windows with an average of the signal in a 
baseline time-windows.
It work perfectly in frequency-domain data with the ft_statfun_actvsblT.m.

However, when i try to apply the same test in my time-domain data 
(dimord = rpt_chan_time), it doesn't work and a realized that the 
function contain:

switch cfg.dimord
   case 'chan_freq_time'
     nchan = cfg.dim(1);
     nfreq = cfg.dim(2);
     ntime = cfg.dim(3);
     [nsmpls,nrepl] = size(dat);
     nsmplsdivntime = floor(nsmpls/ntime);
     error('Inappropriate dimord for the statistics function 

Is the ft_statfun_actvsblt.m only  for time-frequency data?
Does anyone has an other statfun function to compare active versus 
baseline windows in time-domain data.


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