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Bruno Berberian bruno.berberian at onera.fr
Wed May 3 10:38:07 CEST 2017


ONERA is the French national aerospace research center. The present 
position is opened in the “Human-System Integration” team in Salon de 
Provence. The HSI team is a small (6 permanent peoples, 5 PhD students 
and 2 postdocs) but growing team. The HSI team is specialized in the 
design of innovative human-machine interface. It aims to make models of 
human cognition, perception, multisensory integration and action control 
and use these models to propose design principles and evaluation 
methodology. The team follows a multidisciplinary approach and the core 
competencies include: Cognitive Engineering, Computational 
Neurosciences, Cognitive Psychology, Human Factors, Electronics and 
Computer Science. Our collaborations include academic partners in 
several domains - aeronautic, cognitive science, neuro sciences and 
cognitive psychology, medicine but also Applied Research institute and 
industrial partners.

You will complete and extend the team abilities. You will be a key 
contributor to the Human Systems Interaction research area within the 
HIS team. As a research scientist in Human-Machine Cognition, you’ll be 
tackling the scientific challenges to integrate new insights in 
cognitive engineering and computational neurosciences to the design of 
human machine interface. This involves both applied and basic science.

Your primary task involves applying neurosciences knowledge, 
methodologies, and paradigm to the design of human-machine systems. You 
will be expected to conduct high-level innovative research, including 
the publication of research and research supervision. You will 
collaborate with academia to identify and answer novel research 
questions, performing research of factors both in isolation and as part 
of more ecologically valid system. You will also collaborate with 
industrial partner to perform more applied project. Crucially, you will 
contribute to initiate new funded research as well as to expand, 
complement, and collaborate with existing research programs.

To be considered for this position, the successful candidate must 
possess a Ph.D. (by the start of the appointment) in Cognitive 
Engineering, Computational and Cognitive Neurosciences, Applied 
Psychology, or Human Factors. Candidates are particularly sought with 
research interests in one or more of the following areas: perception and 
multisensory integration, physiological markers of attention/vigilance, 
models of attention and consciousness, impact of stress and fatigue on 
human performance. Strong theoretical background in cognitive or 
computational neurosciences is mandatory. Expertise in handling and 
analyzing physiological data (EEG, fNIRS, ECG, ..) will be also critical.

The position is anticipated to begin in mid-2017. It is a permanent 

To apply, follow this link:

Berberian Bruno

Dr Berberian Bruno

The french Aerospace Lab

Base Aérienne 701
13661 Salon Air – France
Tel. : +33 4 90 17 55 88
Fax : +33 4 90 17 01 09

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