[FieldTrip] BTI freesurfer surface

Nicholas A. Peatfield nick.peatfield at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 17:48:27 CET 2017

Hi Fieldtrippers

I want to reconstruct cortical sources using a freesurfer surface, rather
than an equidistant grid I will use the points from the surface. To do so I
use ft_read_headshape to read the .surf file and use it as the points for
the leadfield. However, the MEG data and headmodel are in 'bti' coordinates
thus the grid points are not aligned to the headmodel and sensor points.

I read the minimum norm estimate tutorial from fieldtrip webpage for
transforming spm coordinates to bti, but in my case I am using a surface
file in which there are only the points and tri.gonometries and the
tutorial doesn't apply.

How can I convert the surface points to bti? This is HCP data and I thought
I would find some help on this somewhere but couldn't.


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