[FieldTrip] FT_REGRESSCONFOUND: usage on other confounds in data

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Mon Jan 30 19:00:44 CET 2017

Dear Zita,

The short answer is yes, as you guessed already. Ideally, the confound is
measured independently from the dependent measure, e.g. eye tracker
activity to filter against eye movement related confounds in neural
activity. But in the past we've also successfully regressed out eye
movement related contributions as captured with EOG from frontal
(source-reconstructed) neural activity, despite that both signals may have
been partially correlated due to field spread. See 'General assessments of
neurophysiologic data' & Fig S3 of this pdf:
The same principle that underlies head movement compensation thus also
holds for other potential confounds, including the ones mentioned by you.


2017-01-30 5:27 GMT-08:00 Zita Eva Patai <e.patai at ucl.ac.uk>:

> Dear FT-ers,
> I have an obvious question, but would still appreciate input from those
> more wise than myself:
> Can I put any sort of confound in to regress out of my data? For example
> things relating to
> -eye-movements (ICA done but I still have obvious condition differences)
> -experimentally uncontrolled stimulus changes
> -or any other environmental effects i'd like to control for
> Thank you
> zita
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