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Hi Mehdy,

There are two reference masks of the DMM being deployed within the GIFT ICA toolbox - they are potentially a bit old but should work for the purpose.
Also, for a list of available whole-brain parcellation atlases (I.e. AAL alternatives, see http://www.lead-dbs.org/?page_id=1004).

 Best, Andy

Am 21.01.2017 um 23:33 schrieb mehdy dousty <mehdy.dousty at gmail.com<mailto:mehdy.dousty at gmail.com>>:

Hi all,
Firstly I give my special thanks to fieldtrip and human connectome project discussion list. Secondly, I have a question which needs the expert's attentions. I am using MEG resting state in HCP, and I would like to project the data to some atlases to extract DMN network. Since the AAL 116 does not give me the aforementioned network, and it is not clear from HCP instruction how to interpolate the computed grid points to other atlases, there is 1:1 interpolation between AAL and calculated source points, I am sending the email to help me through the issue.

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