[FieldTrip] NeuroMag 389 channel map

Wong-Barnum, Mona mona at sdsc.edu
Fri Jan 13 19:20:06 CET 2017

Hi Anne:

	Thank you so much for your reply.

> generally you should be fine using the positions of only the MEG channels, as the location of the EEG channels is user specific. Depending on the purpose, you might be good with the layout file that is stored in the template/layout folder of field trip, neuromag306mag.lay, neuromag306all.lay or neuromag306cmb.lay. This works fine for stuff like plotting the topographies.

	Is there an explanation of the 5 different neuromag layout files?  I have the following:

neuromag306all.lay  neuromag306eeg1005_natmeg.lay  neuromag306planar.lay
neuromag306cmb.lay  neuromag306mag.lay

	I’m not sure what the neuromag306eeg1005_natmeg.lay and neuromag306cmb.lay files are for.

	I found http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/tutorial/layout page but if there is anything that’s useful, please point me to it.


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