[FieldTrip] mex file cannot be found

K Jeffrey Eriksen eriksenj at ohsu.edu
Wed Feb 15 01:14:38 CET 2017


I just installed FieldTrip r10442 on Win7-64bit, Matlab 2016b. I picked this version because it matches the megconnectome 3.0. I am using EEG, not MEG data, and simply want to use some of the FieldTrip functions.

I installed per the FT recommendations regarding addpath and ft_defaults.

When I try to use ft_read_mri, it tries to call ft_getopt, and fails as follows:

path_data = 'J:\Projects\HCP\HCP_A01';
cd (path_data)
filename = 'T1w_acpc_dc_restore.nii'
Invalid MEX-file
The specified procedure could not be found..

Error in ft_read_mri (line 79)
mriformat = ft_getopt(varargin, 'dataformat');

Error in try_ft_read_mri (line 7)

I searched for this error but did not come up with anything specific on general Matlab help. I can see that the ft_getopt.mexw64 file is in the correct folder, so do not understand why Matlab cannot find it.


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