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Darías Manuel Holgado Nuñez dariashn at ugr.es
Thu Dec 7 20:24:30 CET 2017

Dear list

My name is Darias Holgado and I am working in the Mind, Brain and Behaviour Research Centre in Granada on tDCS, EEG and Sport performance. I am analysing data of a project, where we recorded EEG under three tDCS’ stimulation. 

I have carried out a tDCS’s study in a within-subjects fashion. I have 3 conditions (anodal, cathodal and sham) x one measure (3x1). I am performing permutation test with the montecarlo approach and the ft_statfun_dsamplesFmultivariate.
After having specified the design and running the script, it seems that it is ok, but in the output the total number of variables appears as 2, when it is supposed it should say 3. is it that correct? The design I specified it seems correct and it is working but this data is confusing. 

The cfg and design I use are as follows:

%Within-Subject design 3 condition x 1 measure
cfg.design(1,1:3*Nsub)  = [ones(1,Nsub) 2*ones(1,Nsub) 3*ones(1,Nsub)];
cfg.design(2,1:3*Nsub)  = [1:Nsub 1:Nsub 1:Nsub];
cfg.ivar                = 1; 
cfg.uvar                = 2; 
cfg.channel = chanlocs; 
cfg.method = 'montecarlo'; 
cfg.statistic   = 'ft_statfun_depsamplesFmultivariate'; 
cfg.correctm = 'cluster';
cfg.clusterstatistic = 'maxsum'; 
cfg.minnbchan = 2;
cfg.numrandomization = 5000;
cfg.tail = 1; 
% cfg.clustertail = 1;
cfg.alpha = 0.025;
%cfg.frequency = freqrange;
%cfg.avgoverfreq = 'yes';
cfg.neighbours = neighbours;

Thank you for your time

Best regards,
Darías Holgado Nuñez
Mind, Brain and Behaviour Research Centre.
University of Granada (Spain)

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