[FieldTrip] ROI masks for cortical surface source model

Ainsley Temudo ainsley.temudo at nyu.edu
Wed Aug 23 22:00:19 CEST 2017

Hi everyone,

I have a few questions regarding how to use the atlases to create ROI masks
to use for my source analysis

   1. *how do you use the freesurfer atlas*.

 i’ve tried ft_read_atlas({'aparc+aseg.mgz','SPNS1151-oct-6-src.fif’}) but
I don’t think this is the correct use because I get a structure with an
aparc field which is 256x256x256. I don’t see the link between this and my
source model. It tried using ft_volumelookup after (using the volume that
was put through freesufer as an input ) but this also gives a 256x256x256
mask. I know at some point I have to orig.inuse to link the vertices in the
high resolution tessellation to those in the sourcemodel. but i’m missing
something or doing something wrong before this.

   1. *If I want to use a template atlas, how do I link that to my source

I tried following this
but how do I warp the cortical sheet grid that i've already created to the
the template grid.

     3. *Is it possible to use an ROI mask that was created from fMRI data
in afni in **field trip?*

I can read in the ROI using ft_read_atlas, but have no idea how that could
be used to select the corresponding grid points in my source model.

would really appreciate if someone could help answer this questions


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