[FieldTrip] head movement correction creates complex values => why and how to solve

Conny Quaedflieg cornelia.quaedflieg at uni-hamburg.de
Thu Aug 10 10:15:55 CEST 2017

Dear Fieldtrip users, 


I would like to correct my frequency MEG data for head movement that
implemented this based on the manual on the fieldtrip website (). We perform
it as the last step before the statistics. 

We have 70 participants and in 12 of our participants, the data (e.g.,
powerspctrm) contains complex values. I have several questions about this

1.       Why are complex values computed in some of the participants?

FFT values are normal. 

2.       What can I do to solve this? 

The problem is that all next functions (grand average, statistics) are not
running with complex values.


Thank in advance for any suggestions! 



dr. Conny Quaedflieg 




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