[FieldTrip] Fwd: Parcellation of connectivity matrix by AAL atlas

Vahab Yousofzadeh bioeng.yoosofzadeh at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 23:13:32 CEST 2017

Dear ft experts,

I am trying to summarize a full connectivity matrix using an AAL atlas
(similar to the tutorial for network analysis). However, what I get at
the end is a very sparse matrix (see f1 and f2 for before and after
parcellation, respectively). I suspect the 'nearest' interpolation is
the best solution for the approach. I tried other interpolation
methods, but with no success.

Here are the scripts I utilized:

atlas = ft_read_atlas('ROI_MNI_V4.nii');

cfg = [];
cfg.interpmethod = 'nearest';
cfg.parameter = 'tissue';
atlas2 = ft_sourceinterpolate(cfg, atlas, conn);
atlas2.pos = conn.pos;
cfg = [];
cfg.parameter    = 'plvspctrm';
parc_conn = ft_sourceparcellate(cfg, conn, atlas2);


Conn =
dim: [18 14 13]
inside: [1627x1 double]
pos: [1627x3 double]
outside: [0x1 double]
plvspctrm: [1627x1627 double]
time: [1x481 double]
cfg: [1x1 struct]

Any comments would be appreciated.

Best regards,
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