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Hi Mona,
I wonder why you would want this. Is the time across the different files continuous, i.e. does the end of one file fit directly onto the next?

If so, but you really need to be sure about this, you can use the good old-fashioned cat command: trial{1} = cat(2,data.trial{:}); time{1} = cat(2,data.time{:});
data.trial = trial;data.time = time;


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I have 14 Neuromag .fif files recorded for a single subject; each file contains about 20 minutes of recording for a total of about 4.6 hours of recording.  I’d like to concatenate the data together.  I used ft_appenddata() but ti seems to have created 14 trials.  How can I get all the data to go into a single trial?


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