[FieldTrip] Postdoctoral Position at UCSF in California, USA on cognitive neuroscience of language processing

Roeland Hancock rhancock at email.arizona.edu
Thu Oct 6 01:05:46 CEST 2016

The Hoeft Lab (http://brainLENS.org <http://brainlens.org/> PI: Fumiko
Hoeft MD PhD) at the UCSF Dept of Psychiatry and Weill Institute for
Neurosciences is looking for an exceptional postdoc in the field of
neurolinguistics, with advanced neuroimaging, computational, programming
and organizational skills. Training in genetics is a plus.

The primary project that the postdoc will be responsible for is the
examination of intergenerational neuroimaging using a ‘natural’
cross-fostering design that allows dissociation of genetic, prenatal and
postnatal environment on brain networks that are transmitted across
generations. Related articles from our lab can be found here - Yamagata et
al. J Neurosci 2016 (http://goo.gl/vMK8iy), Ho et al. Trends in Neurosci
2016 (http://goo.gl/SyXLcK), and Scientific American (http://goo.gl/YTiH6D).
There are many opportunities to be involved in other projects on the
neuroscience of language and literacy.

The position can begin immediately. Please email info at brainlens.org with a
cover letter and your CV. Please add “[Postdoc job]” and your full name in
the Subject of the email. Qualified candidates will be asked to have 3
letters of reference forwarded.
Roeland Hancock
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