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Fellow FieldTrippers,

Our laboratory is hiring! Please see announcement below. We're a
mixed-software shop, but I trained in MATLAB and still use FieldTrip, so
that skillset is obviously welcome.

Alik Widge, MD, PhD
Director, Translational NeuroEngineering Laboratory
Division of Neurotherapeutics, Massachusetts General Hospital
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Clinical Fellow, Picower Institute for Learning & Memory (MIT)
awidge at partners.org

*Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Human Invasive Neuroscience and Neural
Engineering at MGH/Harvard Medical School *
The Translational NeuroEngineering Laboratory (Alik Widge, MD, PhD) in the
Division of Neurotherapeutics at Massachusetts General Hospital is seeking
applicants for a multi-year, Federally funded postdoctoral fellowship in
the areas of invasive human neuroscience and brain stimulation. The fellow
will be responsible for collection and analysis of electrophysiologic
recordings from patients who are undergoing or have recently undergone
neurosurgical procedures. Modalities we currently use include EEG, MEG,
intracranial LFP recording (stereo-EEG, ECOG), long-term recordings through
implanted devices, and intraoperative single-unit/LFP mapping. Many of
these experiments involve psychophysical tasks and/or electrical
stimulation in the awake, behaving human. The overall goal is to better
understand how brain networks give rise to and regulate emotional
experiences, how those networks malfunction in severe psychiatric illness,
and how that might lead to neurostimulation treatments for mental illness.

The fellow will gain experience in working with rare clinical populations
and a unique set of multi-resolution investigations of the human mind.
There will be extensive opportunities to learn electrophysiologic
techniques, novel statistical approaches, the fundamentals of human brain
intervention, and the art of translational neuroscience. Much of the work
is related to projects under the United States BRAIN Initiative, and there
will be frequent interactions with other BRAIN projects. If desired, the
fellow will also have opportunities to be exposed to neurosurgical and
other clinical aspects of his/her research. The successful candidate will
have a rich dataset and toolbox of skills to launch an independent research
program in human cognition or medical device research.

Successful applicants should have a PhD, or another doctoral degree with
substantial research experience in a relevant discipline. This may include
(and is not limited to) engineering, mathematics, psychology, neuroscience,
computer science, or physics. For engineering and computer science
specifically, we will consider candidates with a terminal masters' degree.
Candidates should describe in their cover letter how their specific
academic background is relevant to this position. Candidates should have
one or more of:
•    Prior experience in electrophysiologic recordings and analysis in
human or animals
•    Prior work in human cognitive neuroscience and/or a demonstrated
understanding of psychophysical task design/executions
•    Prior conduct of neurostimulation experiments, with an understanding
of the strengths and limitations of various designs
•    Past work in medical device design or research with neurological
•    Strong programming skills, particularly in MATLAB or Python
•    The psychology and neurobiology of mental illness
•    Grounding or formal training in signal processing for time-series data
in the time and frequency domains

We expect to be able to train a successful candidate in several of these
areas according to his/her ability and interests. We would particularly
welcome applicants with prior experience in neural engineering,
brain-computer interfaces, or network/systems-level neuroscience.

Please send a cover letter, a CV, and the names of 2-3 references to Dr.
Widge at awidge at partners.org . A good cover letter will explain why your
skills and interests overlap with our laboratory's goals, what you hope to
gain from working with us, and what you think you might uniquely bring to
our team.

MGH is an equal-opportunity employer and welcomes applicants from any
ethnicity, gender, nationality, or background. For this position in
particular, visa sponsorship is available for qualified non-citizens, but
the need for such sponsorship should be disclosed early in the interview
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