[FieldTrip] Importing Brainstorm head and source models and leftfields

Fran├žois Tadel francois.tadel at mcgill.ca
Tue Nov 15 21:33:42 CET 2016

Hi Marco,

 > I have tested the Process > Sources > Fieldtrip: ft_prepare_leadfield on
 > different MEG data (always recorded from an Elekta 306 sensors 
system), and
 > I get an error "cannot work on balanced gradiometer definition"

For some reason, ft_plot_sens doesn't want to get passed both the 
gradiometers and the magnetometers at once.
Just run the process without the option "Display sensor/MRI 
registration" and you won't get this error any more.

 > I also have a basic question on the data to put in the process: my
 > understanding is that I should feed the process with the segmented 
 > that I identify with (for the default anatomy) the "Cortex_15002V" in the
 > anatomy tab. However, I cannot drag it to the Process window (I 
 > that the sensor configuration is also needed). I therefore drag in the
 > Process window any data associated with the subject. Is this correct? 
 > the program then automatically process the segmented anatomy?

Yes, this is what you should do: select some recordings for the subject, 
and it will get the files it needs automatically from the database.
Right now, this process does the following:
- If the segmented masks produced previously with ft_volumesegment are 
available (called "mask_innerskull", "mask_outerskull" and "mask_scalp") 
it uses them.
- Otherwise it uses the selected volume (displayed in green), passes it 
to ft_volumesegment for segmentation, then uses the segmented volumes 
without storing them anywhere.


Fran├žois Tadel, MSc
MEG / McConnell Brain Imaging Center / MNI / McGill University
3801 rue University, Montreal, QC H3A2B4, Canada

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