[FieldTrip] ft_definetrial using data structure in workspace

Philipp Taesler p.taesler at uke.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Mar 9 13:12:34 CET 2016

Hi Zita,

if you have the info about which samples belong to your trials (e.g.
extracted from some kind of marker file) you should be able to do this
by using ft_redefinetrial.

Basically you need a trial definition of the form described in the help
to ft_definetrial (a Nx3 vector with start-sample, end-sample and
zero-point offset). Then you might try something like:

cfg = [];
cfg.trl = *your Nx3 trial vector*;

segmented_data = ft_redefinetrial(cfg, imported_data);

Hope this works out for you.

All the best,

Am 08.03.2016 um 18:05 schrieb Zita Eva Patai:
> Dear FT-ers
> I would like to epoch my data, but as it is in a format not supported by
> Fieldtrip (.xdf), I used Eeglab to convert it, and then converted
> between Eeglab and FT with the eeg2fieldtrip function. Now i have a FT
> data structure. 
> The data structure looks fine, but it seems that to use ft_definetrial,
> i need to specify a path to a file to be processed. Is there any way to
> change this so i can use something in the workspace?
> Many thanks

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