[FieldTrip] question about head model preparing

Jane Lung tzuchenlung at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 04:34:59 CET 2016

Dear all,

I am currently explore how to do the source reconstruction,
my data come from Yokogawa160, and I use fieldtrip_20150708

after following the direction of the website:

I've met some problem preparing Head model:
1. after sourceplot three fiducial positions, these locations didn't stored
automatically in a "marker-coregis.txt"  file, as website mentioned.

2. so, I copy their locations from command window manually. for the next
step, I also copy the marker's location from another marker location file
(.hsp file), and define them in grad.fid.pnt().

Howerver, when I run the ft_sensorrealign, the error happened:

Warning: use cfg.target instead of cfg.template
> In ft_checkconfig (line 120)
   In ft_sensorrealign (line 135)
using the fiducials instead of the sensor positions
converting units from 'mm' to 'cm'
Subscripted assignment between dissimilar structures.

Error in ft_sensorrealign (line 228)
tmp(i) = ft_convert_units(template(i), elec.unit); % ensure that the units
are consistent with the electrodes

I'll be really appreciated if I can get any comment  !



Tzu-Chen Lung, M.S.
Research Assistant,
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience,
National Central University, Taiwan (R.O.C)
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