[FieldTrip] Elements have wrong orientation or are degenerated

"Jens Klinzing, Universität Tübingen" jens.klinzing at uni-tuebingen.de
Sun Mar 20 16:19:50 CET 2016

Hi Andreas,
I got the same error but it was resolved by applying ft_volumereslice to 
the mri before segmentation.

This is also what they do in the FEM tutorial:

...however I didn't do it at first because the segmentation looked fine 
even without it.

Another difference between your and my code is that you directly call 
ft_headmodel_simbio while I call the higher-level function 
ft_prepare_headmodel but I didn't check whether that makes a difference. 
I also don't know if the solution applies to your particular case 
(restriction to a subvolume with two tissue types).

All the best,

Horn, Andreas wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I am new to fieldtrip and want to use it (and simbio) to forward model the current spread of a known dipole. I consider only a small cubic fraction of brain tissue which I so far have divided in gray and white matter. I pass that cubic volume into ft_prepare_mesh and get a hexahedral mesh without error. ft_plot_mesh also shows the correct mesh. However, once I pass the mesh into ft_headmodel_simbio, I get the error
> ‘Elements have wrong orientation or are degenerated’
> Does anyone have an idea of why this could happen and how I could potentially fix the issue?
> Thanks a lot,
> Andreas
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