[FieldTrip] common filter with more than two conditions

Lin Wang wanglinsisi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 10:51:34 CET 2016

Dear community,

I'm trying to do lcmv beamformer source analysis with a common filter for
more than two conditions. I have a 2A (A1, A2) * 2B (B1,B2) design, and I
am interested in both the main effect of A (A1 vs. A2) as well as the
simple effects (A1B1 vs. A2B1 and A1B2 vs. A2B2).

My question is how to build the common filter. I could combine all the four
conditions to obtain a common filter for the contrast of A1 vs. A2. Then
can I also use this common filter to compare A1B1 vs. A2B1? Or do I have to
build a different common filter (to combine the A1B1 and A2B1 conditions)
for the contrast of A1B1 vs. A2B1?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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