[FieldTrip] EEG position information not read properly from fif file

Bushra Riaz Syeda bushra.riaz at gu.se
Mon Mar 7 10:18:21 CET 2016


I am reading fif files with only EEG data (no MEG data)in fieldtrip . When my sensor locations are more than 60 than the positions in the elec.elecpos are not written

Digging a bit deeper into this showed me that in mne2grad.m file line number 420 ( fieldtrip-20160306?) is the cause of the problem

  kChan = 0;

  for n = chn_eeg

    kChan = kChan+1;

    if nEEG<=60 % this if condition is the reason position was not written properly

      elec.elecpos(kChan,1:3) = orig.chs(n).eeg_loc(1:3);


      if kChan<=numel(dig_eeg)

        elec.elecpos(kChan,1:3) = orig.dig(dig_eeg(kChan)).r;


        ft_warning('not all EEG channel positions have been digitized');

        elec.elecpos(kChan,1:3) = nan;



    elec.label{kChan} = deblank(orig.ch_names{n});


I haven't read the whole source code for mne2grad.m to understand why this condition  is important and why the limit is of 60 channels. I am solving my problem by changing this condition, I hope this will not effect rest of my processing

Kind regards

Bushra Riaz

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