[FieldTrip] issue at interpolation after source analysis

Vitória Piai v.piai.research at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 06:28:18 CET 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm working with clinical MEG data for which part of the source pipeline 
has been conducted by someone else as part of a clinical protocol. I 
don't have full access to what has been done to the MRI that I'm 
getting, so I'm trying to put bits and pieces of code together to arrive 
at a source reconstruction. The rest of my pipeline is the pretty 
standard tutorial beamforming.

I was hoping someone could help me figure out where my source analysis 
is going wrong by looking at this figure. On the left, the subject's 
headmodel seems to be fine (after warping to MNI). On the right, I'm 
plotting the source result without interpolating with any structural 
data. In the middle you see what happens when I interpolate the source 
with the "single_subj_T1.nii" structural image.
It doesn't seem to be a matter of scaling (like mm to cm), but rather it 
being kinda upside down + something else? Does anyone know by looking at 
this whether the error emerges because of an unsuccessful interpolation 
or because something more fundamental is going wrong earlier on?

Thanks so much,

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