[FieldTrip] Phase Slope Index: How to choose bandwidth

Hähnke, Daniel daniel.haehnke at tum.de
Tue Mar 1 11:51:17 CET 2016

Dear FieldTrip users,

I currently want to double-check the results I got from a non-parametric Granger-causality  analysis with another measure of directed communication, phase slope index.
However, after having read Nolte et al.’s paper from 2008 that introduced the PSI, I still don’t understand how to best choose the parameter cfg.bandwidth. 

I tried out different values and got something qualitatively very similar to my Granger results. But this is rather fitting the parameter to the Granger results and kind of undermines my purpose of double-checking.

Furthermore, I am using a logarithmic (to base 2) frequency axis. Consequently, my frequency bins are not evenly spaced. I have the feeling that I would rather need different bandwidths for the individual frequency bins.

Does anyone know how to objectively choose the bandwidth parameter?


Daniel Hähnke
PhD student

Technische Universität München
Institute of Neuroscience
Translational NeuroCognition Laboratory
Biedersteiner Straße 29, Bau 601
80802 Munich

Email: daniel.haehnke at tum.de
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