[FieldTrip] Morphing the single-subject minimum norm estimates into a common standard template mesh with FieldTrip

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Fri Jun 3 09:26:58 CEST 2016

Dear Giorgos,

I’d recommend using hcp-workbench or Caret.

Caret is the predecessor of hcp-workbench and not actively maintained anymore, but the procedure should still work. It’s documented here:


Better still would be to adopt the state of the art, and use hcp-workbench in combination with the appropriate parts of the following script:


This latter option is probably a bit more tricky to adapt to your situation.



On 02 Jun 2016, at 23:15, george michael <gmichael_ at hotmail.com<mailto:gmichael_ at hotmail.com>> wrote:

Dear Fieldtrip Community,

We are analysing the ERF with NeuromakElekta data and our goal is to do group-analysis on the minimum norm estimates corresponding to the ERF data.

We have combined the use of freesurfer and MNE to segment the individual MRI-images, etc, and create the cortical meshes (subj-oct-6-src.fif). Coregistration of MRI-MEG data was also done with those tools.

We have used FieldTrip to process the functional data and estimate the minimum norm estimates in the individual subject space.

Does somebody have a suggestion for how to morph the single-subject minimum norm estimates into a common standard template using FieldTrip? (i.e. cortex_8196.surf.gii)
The goal would be to do group analysis in the common space.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Giorgos Michail

Research Assistant
Department of Neurology
Charite Medical University, Berlin
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