[FieldTrip] Running "ft_preprocessing" on user defined data

Sarang S. Dalal sarang at cfin.au.dk
Thu Jul 14 18:02:05 CEST 2016

Dear Amir,

Perhaps you were a?ffected by this bug (introduced and fixed last month):


So maybe the newest version of FieldTrip would work for you. If not, you may like to file a bug report through the bugzilla website.



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Subject: [FieldTrip] Running "ft_preprocessing" on user defined data

I have successfully imported my data into the fieldtrip's data structure according to the instructions on:

Later I save the data in "fif" format using fieldtrip2fiff.

When I read back the data using "ft_preprocessing", the chantype and chanunit are all unknown except for the trigger. Is there any solution to this issue? Thank you.

Amir Borna.

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