[FieldTrip] Sourcestatistics on surfaces

Rajat Thomas r.thomas at nin.knaw.nl
Tue Jul 19 08:10:24 CEST 2016

Hi Fieldtrippers,

I have been working on source statistics after source analysis on surfaces using MNE.

I used the following configuration;

% run statistics over subjects %
cfg.latency         = [0 0.7]; %s
cfg.avgovertime = 'no';
cfg.method        = 'montecarlo';
cfg.statistic        = 'ft_statfun_depsamplesT';
cfg.parameter    = 'pow';
cfg.correctm                = 'cluster';
cfg.numrandomization = 100;
cfg.alpha       = 0.05; % note that this only implies single-sided testing
cfg.tail        = 0;

cfg.tri         = sourcespace.tri;

cfg.design(1,:) = [1:nsubj 1:nsubj];
cfg.design(2,:) = [ones(1,nsubj) ones(1,nsubj)*2];
cfg.uvar        = 1; % row of design matrix that contains unit variable (in this case: subjects)
cfg.ivar        = 2; % row of design matrix that contains independent variable (the conditions)

stat = ft_sourcestatistics(cfg, all_source_condA{:}, all_source_condB{:});
save('stat_cluster.mat', 'stat');


I wanted to know if there are other options typically set when I do sourcestatistics on surfaces.

Any guide would be helpful.

Thank you.

Rajat Mani Thomas
Social Brain Lab
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
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