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Dear Users,


I am newbie to fieldtrip and just wanted to analyse BCI competition IV datasets. I have seen many format are mentioned but nothing is given for GDF format.


Could you please help me and point me to the correct link, so I can start working on EEG data.


Best regards,




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Dear Laxmi,


These two pages should definitely help you:












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Dear list,

I am having an situation . I am having data in excels file which i have converted to.mat file. The file content as each columns indicates number of channels and the data points are indicates the corresponding amplitude. I want to use ft_topoplotER and  ft_clusterplot,for that i need to convert .mat to structure file . How can i use topoplot in that way. Could you please help me in this regard.





Thanks and Regards



Laxmi Shaw

Research Scholar(PhD)

IIT Kharagpur

West Bengal

Ph no-08388837821


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