[FieldTrip] ft_preprocessing ignores channel selection

Schoffelen, J.M. (Jan Mathijs) jan.schoffelen at donders.ru.nl
Sun Oct 4 10:18:01 CEST 2015

Hi Stephan,

It could be that this is a genuine bug. Could you create an account on bugzilla.fieldtriptoolbox.org<http://bugzilla.fieldtriptoolbox.org>, and file a ‘bug’ about this? Then we take it off list, and investigate further. It would be really helpful if you also could get us some of your data (which goes with the script you sent earlier) that is giving you trouble. Some more information about the process can be found on:  http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/bugzilla

Best regards,

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen, MD PhD, Senior researcher

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging

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On Oct 2, 2015, at 8:44 PM, Steph Bickel <bick35 at gmail.com<mailto:bick35 at gmail.com>> wrote:


sorry for re-posting this, but I was wondering if someone had an idea what is going wrong here? Is there something wrong with my configuration?

Thank you!


On Sep 26, 2015, at 11:54 PM, Steph Bickel <bick35 at gmail.com<mailto:bick35 at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hello fieldtrip experts,

a script that used to work gives me problems now.

When I specify subsets of channels to import it will correctly only import the selected label but in the trial field it will have all channels imported.

cfg.dataset =  edf_file ;
cfg.continuous = ‘yes’;
cfg.demean = ‘yes' ;
cfg.channel = ‘Event' ;
raw = ft_preprocessing(cfg);

raw =

           hdr: [1x1 struct]
         label: {'Event'}
          time: {[1x152082 double]}
         trial: {[129x152082 double]}
       fsample: 499.7071
    sampleinfo: [1 152082]
           cfg: [1x1 struct]

It seems that read_edf.m is being called and at line 351 the chanindx is being overwritten by EDF.chansel (which is being read out of the edf header directly). Do I see this correctly or am I setting wrong parameters?

  if isfield(EDF, 'chansel')
      chanindx = EDF.chansel;
      chanSel = 1;
      chanindx = [1:EDF.NS];
      chanSel = 0;

Thank you!


(I’m using the current github field trip version on a mac)

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