[FieldTrip] EDF+C annotations

Sjaak Zwart sjaak10101 at gmail.com
Sat May 23 21:54:42 CEST 2015

Dear all,

I have an .edf file, according to the header, I think the precise format is
EDF+C, and my goal is to convert this file in SPM and see the data with

SPM is able to convert the file, although it does give a warning:

Warning: Skipping "EDF Annotations" as continuous data channel because of
> inconsistent sampling frequency
> > In fileio/private/read_edf at 235
>   In ft_read_header at 616
>   In spm_eeg_convert at 97
>   In spm_eeg_convert at 92
>   In spm_eeg_convert_ui at 26
>   In spm at 1054

I further noticed that the EDFBrowser application is able to read the data
*and* show the annotations.

I could now try to figure out from the source what the EDFBrowser is doing
exactly, and try to do something similar in the fieldtrip methods that read
the edf. Not sure how far I'd get then. An additional complexity is that I
do not have a full Matlab license, so I have the Matlab compiler and I have
octave installed. (I'm not 100% sure but I think that means I cannot run
Matlab code, but only pre-compiled code).

>From the EDFBrowser I am able to export the events. But I don't know how to
read that file together with the original file when I convert the edf file
in SPM to get everything to show up right.

Would be great if anybody has some experience with this already, or
somebody who just knows how to get me further,
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