[FieldTrip] what should i do between two stimulations P300 speller

moran abilea mor2451 at gmail.com
Fri May 22 14:00:47 CEST 2015

hi there everyone,

so quick update and a problem that i need some advice from you guys.
as I've already mentioned i'm doing a final project of MALAB p300 speller,
i'm currently at the part of the experiment which means recording raw data
on my partner's scalp while showing him the flashing 6X6 matrix of letters.
we are using Emotiv EPOC device which means that it records 128 samples per

so now for my question: in the raw data itself that i record, between two
stimulations i have 128 recorded raw data and i don't know what to do with
it in order to continue the next step of using p300 detection method. what
should i do with the 128 recorded data? should i average it or maybe use
any band pass filter on the data i'm stuck and i need ideas in order to
continue my project.

any help will be welcomed,
best regards,
Moran Abilea
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