[FieldTrip] Can I simulate multiple dipoles in realistic head model?

tjordanov at besa.de tjordanov at besa.de
Thu Mar 26 11:49:35 CET 2015

Hi Gamaliel,


I don’t know how this works within FieldTrip, however, we have a free tool
for simulating data also with realistic head models. If you want to try it
out you could download it here: http://www.besa.de/downloads/besa-simulator/

There is an option to use realistic FEM approximations or to load your own
models. However, the program is optimized to work with models generated with
BESA MRI and if you want to load models generated with other tools you have
to save the models in the required format. I am not sure that it is easy to
adapt your models for that program but you can try.


Best regards,




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I need simulate dipolar sources in a realistic head model, however I want
know if can import surfaces from freesurfer or brainstorm.

I have problems to performs the segmentation and the electrodes alignment,
Finally I would like to know how could simulate multiple dipoles on
different parts of realistic head model to evaluate the location later.



Gamaliel Huerta Urrea

Estudiante Ingeniería Civil Biomédica

Universidad de Valparaíso


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