[FieldTrip] Visualization of Channels for Human Connectome Project MEG data

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Hi Tolga,

There’s a layout that ‘better fits’ the projected channel locations, and which you can obtain from the megconnectome software that accompanies the HCP MEG data. The software can be obtained from here: humanconnectome.org/documentation/MEG1/meg-pipeline.html<http://humanconnectome.org/documentation/MEG1/meg-pipeline.html>
If you download one of the packages and unzip it, you’ll find a ‘template’ directory. Inside, there’s a 4D248.mat file (note that you need the ‘4D248.mat’ in cfg.layout in that case), which you can use as a layout for visualization.

Best wishes,

On Mar 4, 2015, at 9:54 AM, Tolga Ozkurt <tolgaozkurt at gmail.com<mailto:tolgaozkurt at gmail.com>> wrote:

Dear Fieldtrip list,

I was seeing the MEG files uploaded by “Human Connectome Project”, which seem to be pre-processed by Fieldtrip. The resting data were collected in supine position with 4D Neuromag 248 channels.

When I use the standard command for layout

cfg.layout       = '4D248.lay';

the channel locations do not seem to fit. (Please see the attached figure). I do not quite know the channel distribution of the system; but it seems some channels are out of the head.

Could you give me an idea to project the channel layout properly?

Thank you.


Tolga Esat Özkurt, PhD
Department of Health Informatics
Middle East Technical University

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