[FieldTrip] CALL for PhD positions in Cognitive Social and Affective Neurosciences (CoSAN) in Rome

Elia Valentini elia.valentini at uniroma1.it
Tue Mar 24 16:10:49 CET 2015

Please forgive cross posting!

Dear Colleagues,

this is to inform you about the Foreign Nationals Educated Abroad Ph.D.
scholarship awarded by “Sapienza” University of Rome. This is a very
prestigious and competitive scholarship for non-Italian students who
graduated abroad (please note that a Master Degree is required). There is
the chance that one of the awarded students will be selected for the
Psychology and Social Neuroscience Ph.D. program (international curriculum
CoSAN http://w3.uniroma1.it/cosan/).

We are seeking highly talented applicants and we would really appreciate if
you could forward this to the students you think may be eligible.

The *deadline is* next *April, 26th. Details about the call can be found at*



The successful candidate will receive a bursary of € 19.800,00 per year
before taxes: national insurance contributions (INPS) that fellowship
recipients are required to pay (10,57% for 2015). Research will be
performed at the Social and Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory (*http://*

While the selection is mainly based on dossier (Evaluation of
qualifications, publications and certificates) applicants should also
include a skype address and express their availability to be contacted for
a video interview if necessary

For more info please contact: 1) for administrative enquiries: Dr. Paola
Trussardi (organizational manager) -paola.trussardi at uniroma1.it; 2)
For scientific
enquiries: Dr Elia Valentini elia.valentini at uniroma1.it or Salvatore M.
Aglioti - salvatoremaria.aglioti at uniroma1.it
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