[FieldTrip] low rank for post MaxFilter'd data

russ port russgport at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 02:40:57 CET 2015

Dear Fieldtrippers

I have question about post MaxFiltered data and ICA analysis. 

Following the excellent chain http://mailman.science.ru.nl/pipermail/fieldtrip/2013-March/006270.html <http://mailman.science.ru.nl/pipermail/fieldtrip/2013-March/006270.html>

I used the command 

rank(squeeze(data.trial{1}) * squeeze(data.trial{1})')

my result is 6 (not the 60 I would normally expect out of Max Filter’d data

While I am using slightly different settings than default on MaxFilter (TSSS, .9 correlation and 10 second buffer, removing of popping channels), I am not sure that this would account for the issue. Has anyone else ran into a similar problem/am I doing something that would easily account for this. 

As for fieldtrip, I have simply read in the data and rejected jumping or muscle artifacts. - Best, Russ

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