[FieldTrip] Source Analysis @ EEG data.

Munsif Jatoi munsif.jatoi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 11:31:24 CET 2015

Dear All,

I hope you are fine.

Sir, I am working for the completion of my PhD thesis in the field of EEG
source localization by using various methods such as eLORETA, MUSIC, Min
Norm etc. For this, I have been using SPM and Fieldtrip to first simulate
EEG data and then use inverse methods to localize the sources. I have
simulated the data by using two head models that are BEM and FEM. For BEM,
I have used SPM+ Fieldtrip. However, for FEM I have purely used Fieldtrip
SIMBIO command line.  Now, I want to use the inverse methods for
localization. For this, I have gone through the tutorials available at the
fieldtrip website http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/example . There, I found
that there are following methods which are used for inverse problem:

*1)      *linear constrained minimum variance beamformer (LCMV)

*2)      *synthetic aperture magnetometry (SAM)

*3)      *dynamic imaging of coherent sources (DICS)

*4)      *partial cannonical correlation/coherence (PCC)

*5)      *minimum norm estimation (MNE)

*6)      *minimum norm estimation with smoothness constraint (LORETA)

*7)      *multiple signal classification (MUSIC)

*8)      *scan residual variance with single dipole (RV)

*9)      *multivariate Laplace source localization (MVL)

However, I want to apply min norm, LORETA and MUSIC only for my data. As I
studied MUSIC for applying on EEG data, I found that the code is developed
by going through the research article of J.C. Mosher et. al. “Multiple
dipole modelling and localization from spatiotemporal MEG data,” IEEE
Trans. Biomed. Engg., pp. 541-557, June 1992. Though the basic definitions
are understandable, however, I am confused in implementation for *EEG*
data. For this, I have following questions:

1)      What is *numcomponent* variable? I mean how it can be used for EEG

2)      What is *dip* variable? From where we can generate it for an EEG

3)      If we have computed leadfield by using BEM and FEM, how we can
introduce in the programme provided at
https://github.com/fieldtrip/fieldtrip/blob/master/inverse/music.m ?

I hope you shall answer my questions.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,


Munsif Ali H.Jatoi,

Ph D Scholar,
Centre for Intelligent Signals and Imaging Research,
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS,

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