[FieldTrip] importing and segmenting CNT and TRG files

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Dear Raquel, 

Thank you very much for the offer. Actually it turned out that the CNT files were too big to preprocess on a normal computer so I exported them differently and then applied the preprocessing. 





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I had to modify one of Fieldtrip's files recently. If you give me yours I can see if my modifications work for your data. 





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On Jun 9, 2015, at 10:48 AM, Nikola Valchev <nikola.valchev.umcg at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear all, 

I am struggling to find a way to import my data into fieldtrip. It is in CNT format and it comes with the CNT, EVT, SEG, SEN, and TRG files. I have two problems for which I would like to ask you for some hints: 

1)      I use ft_read_data to read my CNT data files and it all works fine, I have my data in 67(channels)*N(data points). How can I read and use the SEG file to segment it? 

2)      I can’t seem to find a way to read my TRG files and thus use the triggers. I found the way to read the file (read_eep_trg function), but I have more triggers than the ones I know there should be and I have no way of knowing how to select the good ones. 


Any help is appreciated and I’m sorry if I’m not too clear, I’m new to EEG. 



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