[FieldTrip] no red color for ft_multiplotTFR

Jörn M. Horschig jorn at artinis.com
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Dear Mante,


most likely you are using a Matlab version >2014a. Mathwork changed the
default colormap to Parula instead of Jet, see:


You can change the colormap by using the ‘colormap’ command in Matlab, or if
I recall correctly, also set cfg.colormap= ‘jet’ (which is doing the same
within the ft_ function)







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Dear all,


I’m new to Fieldtrip, so I hope this question isn’t too stupid :-D. I could
not find anything relevant on the previous threads.


When I use the multiplotTFR function (example code pasted below), the hot
color is always yellow and never red, even if I set the zlim to extremely
small values). 


I am using fieldtrip-20150504. What am I doing wrong? I thought the red-blue
hot-cold colors were standard. Any help is really appreciated!







cfg = [];

cfg.layout      = 'config/biosemi64.lay';

cfg.channel = 'all';

cfg.baseline = 'no';

cfg.xlim = [0 2];%[-0.5 1.5];%

cfg.ylim = [30 100];

cfg.zlim = [-0.1 0.1];

cfg.interactive = 'yes';

cfg.showlabels    = 'yes';

cfg.colorbar = 'yes';



ft_multiplotTFR(cfg, grandavg_hi_131_132);


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