[FieldTrip] Too many dipoles in Beamformer Analysis?

Helen Wieffering helen.wieffering at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 18:01:03 CEST 2015

Dear Fieldtrip Users,

I'm in the midst of computing Beamformer source analysis with my EEG data,
(I am a new user of FieldTrip), and am experiencing extraordinarily long
computation times.

Using my own data, with the FieldTrip template vol.mat headmodel, FieldTrip
computes a leadfield with 1,472,505 dipoles inside the brain. This alone
takes my computer 3 hours to compute, whereafter source analysis still has
to take place ... taking another 3 hours.

This number of dipoles seems (to me) abnormally high - but apart from
taking so long, the code runs fine without any errors.

Is anyone able to weigh in on whether or not I've gone wrong somewhere?
Happy to include code as needed.

Thanks very much!

Helen Wieffering
Bowdoin College
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