[FieldTrip] Several trigger names at same position

Mick Lehmann mick.lehmann at uzh.ch
Thu Jul 2 18:02:55 CEST 2015

Hi Fieldtrippers,

I’m using the script for reading data and I have a special issue at cfg.trialdef.eventvalue (see script below). The thing is that I have several triggers at the exact same position and I want to analyze only a subgroup of events which is defined by a combination of two trigggernames / evenvalues. Does anybody know how to define those trials, meaning how to create an event as a combination of two triggernames?

This is how the script looks like:
VP = dir('*.dat');                                           
cfg = [];
cfg.dataset                 = (VP.name);    
cfg.trialdef.eventtype      = 'Comment';
cfg.trialdef.prestim        = 2;
cfg.trialdef.poststim       = 6;
cfg.trialdef.eventvalue     = {'HitHitReakt’ 'Cue_N3_neg'}; The events should be read only if both conditions are fulfilled

cfg = ft_definetrial(cfg);
cfg.demean = 'yes';

dataHitHitReact = ft_preprocessing(cfg);
dataHitHitReact = renamechannels(dataHitHitReact);
save dataHitHitReact_preproc dataHitHitReact

    fprintf('%s not found.\n',cfg.trialdef.eventvalue{1})

I'm deeply grateful for any help.


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