[FieldTrip] problem with surface & template files

Herring, J.D. (Jim) j.herring at donders.ru.nl
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Dear Samane,

Please make sure you have downloaded the full version of fieldtrip and not the ‘lite’ version. Not all of the templates are included in the ‘lite’ version to save space. If you have done that, make sure that you have added the path to the fieldtrip folder (e.g. addpath(‘d:\fieldtrip’) and run ‘ft_defaults’.

You should then be able to run the code in the beamformer  and event-related averaging tutorial as fieldtrip automatically looks for the templates in the correct location (which is: fieldtrip\template\anatomy\...).



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Dear all,

May I know where the "surface files" is? I am running last part of "Localizing oscillatory sources using beamformer techniques" tutorial (http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/tutorial/beamformer), but have a difficulty to find 'surface_white_both.mat'.

my another problem is for running the code available for planar gradient calculation (http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/tutorial/eventrelatedaveraging). the error is because the template file is not found.
??? Error using ==> ft_prepare_neighbours at 140
Template file could not be found - please check spelling or see
(please consider sharing it with others via the FT mailing list)

how to add the templates? when I use "addpath('template')", it is not recognized.

your help will be appreciated,
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